Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Episode 15 - The Nationals

Apologies for the lack of an episode in April, I was moving home and time got away from me. An extra special to make up for it. The National Homebrew Club of Ireland present the final judging day of the 2015 National Homebrew Championships. I went along to capture the atmosphere of the day, as I spoke to Club President Rossa O'Neill and Club Secretary James Keane. I also catch up with some of the judges as they go through the process of finding the best beer.

Download the audio version of the show here:
Episode 15

The largest competition for amateur brewers on the island of Ireland and one of the largest BJCP rules competitions outside of the USA!

Thanks to the National Homebrew Club, Premier International, Galway Bay Brewery and Alfie Byrne's Pub.

Check out the results here:

Check out the video version here:

Listen to the show here:

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