Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bonus Episode - Podcasters at the Beerfest

While I work to bring you episode 10 all about the Irish Craft Beer and Cider festival 2014, I thought I'd share this impromptu meetup of all the current Irish Craft Beer internet broadcasters.

With an introduction from Wayne, the Irish Beer Snob, I was served a Bo Bristle Imperial Red Ale by Sarah of 5 Minutes of Finney. Then Ian of 11Pm somewhere and I each gave our thoughts on the beer, before Wayne bookended the meeting giving his thoughts on the beer.
Collaboration brew podcast anyone?

Download here: Bonus Episode

Check it out on YouTube here:

5 Minutes of Finney : www.5minfinney.com
11pm Somewhere : 11pmsomewhere.com
The Irish Beer Snob : www.irishbeersnob.com

Listen here:

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