Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Episode 2 : Double IPA Tasting

In this second episode, I am joined once again by John Craddock, and also by Emmet Ryan of the Sunday Business Post. We enjoy sampling some of the Double IPAs currently available in the Irish market, including Beoir #1 from Black's of Kinsale, Galway Bay Brewery's Of Foam and Fury, Carlow Brewing's O'Hara's Double IPA and Brewdog's Hardcore IPA.

There were some sound issues, please bear with me as it was difficult to record three people at once. Also Emmet's appearance fee was one star wipe.

For more on the Beoir visit to Black's of Kinsale see the video below.

Show Notes:

Beers Sampled:
Brewdog Hardcore IPA

Carlow O'Hara's Double IPA

Galway Bay Of Foam and Fury

Black's of Kinsale Beoir #1

All beer purchased at McHugh's of Kilbarrack, thanks again for the Pliny!

Download the audio Version of this episode Listen here:

Next time, Episode 3: Beer Citybreaks

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